Professional Advice
Low Fees
No Call Centers

Empowering you

Say hello to digital investments with e-signature, daily performance, and so much more. Forget offices, burnt coffee, and stacks of paperwork – but don’t compromise on professional advice.

IM Investing blends a traditional financial advisor relationship with online wealth management to deliver a supportive advisory service to you.

Tax Loss Harvesting

When your investments earn money, that’s a good thing; however, big gains can mean big tax bills. Our software is set up to automatically tax-loss harvest securities while keeping your target model on track. When your brokerage account hits $50,000 you are automatically enrolled in this service, which means one less meeting: what will you do with that free time?

Come one, come all

First time budgeters? We want to invest in you – our team can help you make a plan. If it takes time, that’s okay – fees do not kick in until $5,000 in value. We want you to feel the joy of reaching a goal.

Looking to diversify an existing portfolio? Choose from 12 models, or work with us to set up a custom one. Our team includes seasoned pros with over 20+ years of experience in complex financial situations.

Reduce human error, not human contact

Automated technology checks your account daily to make sure you’re on track. When you need help, a live investment team is a click or call away. Don’t get caught in a web-loop of chat bots and phone queues – we’ll respond with a personal message.

Simplify with technology

Opening an account has never been easier: digitally setup your portfolio in under a half an hour. Ongoing reporting, statements, and transactions are all handled from your online dashboard. When you do need to talk, we can message, web conference, and screen share anywhere.

Focus on your field

You’re an expert in your own area, but don’t have time to research finance and investments. We get it! You can set up your objectives in 12 simple questions, and then get back to honing your craft. We want you to pursue your passions, while we pursue ours – financial literacy and simplified money management.

Small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs: it’s never too soon to set up a retirement plan for you and your team.

Accounts for any situation

IRA – ROTH – Individual – Joint – Trust – Inherited

(to name a few)