Opening Your Account

With digital account opening, investing has never been easier.
We want you to have a seamless experience, which starts with setting appropriate expectations. Please read the entire list and only begin signup when you have gathered the required information.

If you have all of the items below, registration should take 15-25 minutes. Because it is a simple signup, you will not be able to save and return, or move forward if you do not have everything. Please contact us if you have questions so that we can prevent frustration.

We currently offer the following list of account types. If the type of account you wish to open is not listed, please contact us. Please be certain of your account registration: funding the wrong type (i.e, an individual when you meant IRA) may have tax implications. If you are unsure what type of account fits your situation, please contact us prior to account setup to confirm.

Click to confirm that your account type is available
Brokerage Accounts: Custodial, Joint Tenant with Rights of Survivorship, Tenants in Common, Community Property, revocable living trust (single and two trustees)

Retirement Accounts: Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP-IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Inherited IRA, Inherited Roth IRA

We suggest completing registration on a laptop or desktop computer browser.


  • Your basic information (DOB, SSN, address, employer info)*
  • If you are opening a retirement account you need the SSN and DOB of your primary beneficiary and DOB of contingent beneficiaries
  • Your household Annual Income and Net Worth
  • If you are transferring an existing account, you will need a recent statement
  • If you are funding with a deposit from your bank, you will need the routing & account numbers


The 12-step investment questionnaire will help you find the portfolio that meets your needs. If you need clarification on the questions, please contact us – we can schedule a time to go through each question with you.

There’s no right or wrong answers, but this is a partnership between us and you; your answers let us understand and help you reach your goals.


The application is your personal information (listed above); you will be required to create a Schwab login for future access. Please write this down before leaving the page.

You will also verify your identity using public-profile information. These questions are system-generated, random, and your answers are not given to anyone.

All set?

*if you are opening an Inherited IRA or Inherited ROTH IRA, you will also need the original depositor’s DOB, SSN, and Date of Death. Trust accounts will need information on each Trustee.
Additional information not listed here may be required based on actual registration chosen.